The Hines Network

Since 2015, we’ve helped engage more than 2,847,852 activists who have contributed more than $9,192,228 to fight for our shared conservative values.

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About Ian Hines

The Hines Network’s founder and CEO, Ian Patrick Hines, has been involved in digital politics and grassroots organizing since 2003. A Catholic and father of three, he’s worked with conservative campaigns & causes in fifteen U.S. states and nine countries.

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How we support conservative campaigns & causes…

Hines Digital

An award-winning digital agency that builds strong brands, huge email lists, and big league fundraising revenue to help conservatives win elections.

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Hines List Rentals

Allowing conservative campaigns & causes to quicly scale to reach more than 165,000 conservative activists via email.

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Hines Direct

A powerful person-to-person text messaging solution — allowing candidates & causes to cut through the static and speak directly to targeted voters in their community.

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Hines Action

Hines Action is the advocacy arm of The Hines Network — organizing the grassroots to fight for our conservative values by pressuring decision makers and standing up to the organized Left.

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Ian is attuned to details that many might overlook: details that in a final project most would recognize but few would be able to determine. Hines Digital campaigns raise more money than average campaigns.

Paul Dietzel, CEO, Anedot

Ian Hines and his team are some of the world's most talented digital fundraising experts, and they're also just great people … I'd highly recommend Ian and his team to any conservative campaign, party, nonprofit or advocacy organization, especially those in need of digital fundraising expertise.

Will Conway, Director of Politics & Advocacy, NationBuilder

Ian & Richie are two of the most talented, intelligent, and capable politicos I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Hines Digital is a top-notch digital firm. Highly recommended!

Jeffrey Carson, Campaign Manager, Austin Petersen for U.S. Senate, Missouri